El Cerrito

The stay at the principal house, including activities, full board cost AR$ 1500 per two, per day. Kids under 8 years old only AR$ 750.

The Ranch

The stay with breakfast cost AR$ 750 for adults and AR$ 375 for kids. Foods and optionals cost AR$ 250-300 (without drink ) for adults and AR$ 200-250 for kids.

Small House of Flowers

Adults with breakfast, AR$ 800, kids AR$ 400. Foods $ 250-300 (without drink) for adults and AR$ 200-250 for kids. These prices includes the activities.

Country day

With creole launch ("Empanadas", roasted with salad and homemade desserts), activities in "El Cerrito", afternoon snack with cake and homemade candy, AR$ 800 for adults and $ 400 for kids.